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30 Years of Tennis in High Point

I worked and operated the Pro Shop at Oak Hollow Tennis Center (Re-named High Point Tennis Center) in High Point for 30 years. I retired in 2003 after spending my last 18 years as Tennis Director. Because of my love of the game and my favorite service being stringing, I decided to continue to string from home.

I started stringing in 1978 when there were only wood racquets. I have strung wood, metal, ceramic, fiberglass, graphite and all the new rackets.

I have been a member of the United States Racquet Stringers Association for 22 years since it began. www.usrsa.com They are a great resource for stringers. They provide stringing patterns for tennis racquets.

Prince tennis racquets, Head tennis racquets, Wilson tennis racquets, junior tennis racquets and all others have different stringing patterns. Being a member of the USRSA I have access to all stringing patterns.

Besides stringing, I also customize and repair racquets. That includes racquet stringing, hybrid stringing, regripping and putting on new bumper guards and grommets. In addition, I sell all tennis racquet accessories which include lead tape, head tape, grips, and overwraps.

I can help you choose a tennis racquet string and tension for male and female tennis players. There are hundreds of different strings and each racquet recommends a different tension. Your style of play should help determine what string and tension you should use. You can often pick a color you like.

I will pick up and deliver racquets in the High Point area for a nominal fee or you can bring them to me. If you have any questions about stringing or repairing a racket, give me a call or send me an email.

Jan Broome

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