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Feb 21, 2009

How to choose a string

When choosing a racket, you look for weight, balance, stiffness and even color. These are important factors for a racket. But deciding on a string and string tension is just as important. The string and string tension can completely change the way your racket plays. These are some options you have when making that decision.

String gauge

Strings come in several gauges. The gauge is the thickness of the string. Thicker strings last longer. Thinner strings have more feel. The higher the gauge, the thinner the string. Tennis strings come in 15L (15 ½), 16, 17, and 18 gauges. If you don’t have a tendency to break strings, you should use a thinner string.

Strings either have a center core or they don’t. Natural gut is considered the best strings made. They are made from beef and lamb intestines. A natural material. Most strings now are made from man made materials like nylon and polyester. They are called synthetic gut. Most synthetic gut is made with a center core and several wraps around the core. Other synthetic gut is made like natural gut. It has thousands of tiny fibers twisted and a generally coated in a material to make them weather resistant. These coreless strings are softer. They hold the ball on the racket longer and are easier on your arm. There are other ways to treat synthetic strings to make them softer. Gamma strings are bombarded with radiation to alter the molecular structure to make them more resilient. Resilience is what makes strings softer.

The newest material in strings is polyester. Polyester strings are just one solid core. No wraps. They are made for endurance. They last longer. Most polyester strings don’t have much feel or give. Luxilon strings are the top of the line. They have feel, power and durability. They are now highly used by the Touring Pros.

Last, but not least, is texture and color. Strings with texture tend to grab the ball better. You get more spin with them. Texture is also abrasive. Textured strings can cause advanced breakage. You make the call. Most people think the texture is worth it. Color is a personal preference. Years ago strings were all about color. Matching your strings and grip were important. Recently manufacturers have limited colors. They make more natural colors. Color doesn’t really affect the way the strings play. Color is just for aesthetics.

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